Welcome to our diving Center : Rangiroa Plongee

Rangiroa Plongee was established in 2008 and has been providing first class Scuba diving and snorkelling services to visitors ever since. Rangiroa Plongee is dedicated providing the highest quality of diving and service available, whilst at all times protecting the environment in which we work and live.



We apply the highest standard in diving, which means you will be supervised by professional at all times, in the safest conditions.

With Rangiroa Plongee, you can dive, according to your wishes and your level, the only limit will be your experience and the air you use.


Rangiroa Plongee is an Ambassador diving center of Longitude 181 Charter. We also support Sea Shepherd, an organization which mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world's oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.

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For your comfort and safety, we only take few divers at a time in order to offer a personalized service. Small dive groups are just perfect for:

  • Couples wanting to dive together
  • Beginners worrying about “holding back” the dive group
  • Photographers willing to dive away from the group


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Your guides and instructors speak both French and English and they are qualified to the highest internationally recognised diving standards. Our goal is to insure that every person diving with Rangiroa plongee has a safe and enjoyable dive experience with memories to last a lifetime.



René spent many years working as an instructor on another island of the Tuamotus before arriving in Rangiroa in 2007. They all really enjoy sharing their underwater world knowledge with their guests.

Diving in Polynesia

In French Polynesia, diving depths are restricted in the following way:

  • 29 meters (94 ft) for divers of Level 1 CMAS, Open water and advanced PADI, NAUI and SSI
  • 49 meters (159 ft) for divers of Level 2 CMAS ** rescue diver PADI, NAUI and SSI
  • 60 meters (195 ft) for divers of superior levels

For introductory dives, no formalities are required whereas qualified divers will be asked to provide their certification card and log book.





All our apologies to John Milton ...

All our apologies to John Milton as paradise isn't lost : it is about 2,500 miles southeast of Hawaii, where a group of sinfully beautiful islands challenge poets, painters and photographers to do them justice. French Polynesia is a system of five sun-splashed archipelagos, all ringed by reefs and laden with lagoons. Tahiti, one of the Society Islands, is the most well known, but approximately an hour flight from Tahiti, you will find Rangiroa.

Rangiroa is the largest atoll in the South Pacific. Its lagoon communicates with the Pacific ocean by the Avatoru and Tiputa channels. Through these flows a phenomenal quantity of water from the ocean into the lagoon and vice versa; following the tides are hordes of jacks, tuna, barracuda, manta rays and eagle rays, turtles, dolphins, hammerhead sharks, grey sharks, and sometimes tiger sharks, even if this is a rare encounter.

Activities in Rangiroa are numerous :

  • - Visit a pearl farm
  • - Take a boat trip to Reef Island or to the Blue Lagoon, a stunning chain of islets
  • - The pink sand islet of Les sables roses is yet another experience with its beautiful natural sand bank floating above crystal clear lagoon


If you are particular about land weather conditions, you should know that Rangiroa is blessed with a year round subtropical climat with a rainy season in November - December and a windy season is July - August.

Average air temperature is around 28°C (82°F) and water temperature ranges between 26 - 29°C (79 - 84°F). As such, there is no "best season" to visit and dive in Rangiroa.

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Diving Tiputa and Avatoru pass

Rangiroa's lagoon is highly prized by divers worldwide because of its pass dives, its visibility, and its density of marine life. Currents created by the tide roaring into and out of the lagoon through narrow channels and attract a great variety of marine life. When the tide is flowing out, dives take place on the ocean side of the reef. When it is flowing in, drift dives with the current into the lagoon are organized: the world’s greatest adrenaline rush!
Of course, there is plenty to see: manta rays, eagle rays, turtles, moray eels, schools of striped barracuda and big eye barracuda, grey reef sharks, black tip sharks, and even the occasional great hammerhead shark or the shy silky shark.

The Big Blue to Tiputa Pass

When the tide is flowing out, Rangiroa plongee invites you to discover dive sites on steep oceanic drop-offs, away from the current. Regular encounters include dolphins, rays, and turtles.


>> Read the diving log


Diving Nohi Nohi motu

Lagoon dive (10-30 feet). This dive site is full of colorful reef fish. Blacktip sharks sometimes rest on the sand whilst eagle rays pass by. This is a popular site for beginners and it is perfect for introductory dives.



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In the past 20 years, Rangiroa has been standing out as a tourist destination on its own. Its fame has been built around both scuba diving and the possibilities of excursions in its idyllic lagoon.If you are not a diver, but you wish to discover some treasures of the underwater world, we will take you on a snorkeling tour:


Drift snorkeling in the pass is a fun adventure !
Let yourself be safely carried along by the current. The underwater life unreveals all its treasures before your eyes in the clear waters of Rangiroa. An experience guide accompagnies you in small groups in the activity that everyone can enjoy.
Thin wetsuits and life jackets are mandatory int he current. We supply all the necessary equipment.

Should you need more information, please feel free to fill up the contact form or to contact us directly.

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dives *

1 to 4 fun dives   7 500 CFP
5 to 9 fun dives (can be shared between 2 persons)   7 250 CFP
10 to 19 fun dives (can be shared between 2 persons)   6 750 CFP
over 20 fun dives (can be shared between 2 persons)   6 500 CFP
First dive 1pax / 2pax   8 500/8 000 CFP
Check dive   8 000 CFP
Private boat   60 000 CFP


Training dives   8 000 CFP
Package level I ANMP/CEDIP (4 dives)   42 000 CFP
Package level I FFESSM CMAS (4 dives)   47 000 CFP
PADI training on request   Please contact us


Drift snorkeling   6 000 CFP

* Transfer to/from your hotel and equipment included.250 CFP off par dives if you have your own diving equipement All our divemasters and instructors are certified.


Payment by credit card accepted (excepted Amex)

1€ = 119,33CPF
1000 CPF = 8,38€

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Accomodation in Rangiroa

Visitors to Rangiroa can choose from a wide array of family-run pensions or hotels such as:



Pension Bounty

Pension Loyna 

Pension Henriette - pensionhenriette@gmail.com

Pension Tamatuamai - maruatua.mariteragi@yahoo.fr

Pension NanuaCamping- pensionnanua@hotmail.com

Diving centers in Polynesia


Yann Hubert, underwater photograph in Polynesia

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Sea shepherd http://www.seashepherd.org/
Groupe d'Etude des Mammifères Marins http://www.gemmpacific.org
Website devoted to the ocean life http://thebluememory.net
French Polynesia travel guide http://www.thetahititraveler.com/
Boat rental https://www.getmyboat.com/
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Should you need any further information, please feel free to contact us. We will be please to answer you.





Rangiroa Plongée


BP 1 Tiputa - Rangiroa - Tiputa, French Polynesia 98776


Phone: 40 960 332 - Cell phone: 87 77 65 86 & 87 27 57 82


email: rangiroaplongee@mail.pf








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